Premium quality Cow Hides with the largest size in the market


  • We have a stringent and carefully monitored selection process for each hide we offer.

  • This allows us to provide our customers with beautiful and unique pieces.

  • All hides patterns, spots and color maps are natural, not artificially managed.

  • You will not find 2 identical pieces, which gives our hides their higher value.

  • In Rugs & More we take pride on our years of experience in the production of top quality cow hides, and how we are capable of producing the largest sizes in the Premium cow hides market.

Reliable Shipping to Everywhere in the World

Outstanding Support

Factory Direct Pricing

Enviromentally Friendly

More than 70 years of experience

3 generations delivering superior quality cow hides

We take great pride in our processes, producing high quality hides at factory direct pricing.

We embrace new ideas to discover and develop innovative processes to meet our customers’ needs.

Our Process

Our production quality exceeds Market Standards.
Our Cow Hides are 100% natural and a by-product of the food industry. Our tannery is clean Standard 9001:2008 and PIA (Automotive Initiation Program) certified.

We are the world’s largest producer of Cow Hides. This allows us to offer our customer’s the finest product selection with Premium Quality in a broad range of colours and styles, exceeding market standards both in quality and sizes.

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